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Animated show of: Services for medical and pharmaceutical industry: publishing (print and digital publications), editorial design, content creation and translation, proofreading and style review, and Desktop Publishing at the service of medicine, pharmacology and other health sciences.


MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PUBLISHING - LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales, S.L.

LexicoTecnia has a specific department devoted to the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Our vast publishing experience in the treatment of technical texts is complemented by a team of licensed medical specialists who enable us to guarantee high quality service to our clients.

The LexicoTecnia medical and pharmaceutical area (LTmed) is geared toward companies and professionals in this industry. Here you will find the service you need with publishing, proofreading and translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts in any format and in a large number of languages.

We also offer the possibility of creating digital or printed presentations to make your products more attractive and innovative on the market. This will also compliment your image with the complete design of a corporate image and a web site tailored to your needs. In addition, LTmed operates as a medical publishing house and manages its own publications as well as its clients'. These publications range from technical or documentary journals and newsletters to medical or teaching books.