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Methodology - LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales, S.L.

Here, we explain the way we work step by step. We also establish the general terms and conditions which must govern the professional between LexicoTecnia and our clients:

1. First of all, you may request a quotation which is detailed, free and with no obligation whatsoever. You may do so by telephone, by making an appointment, through our on-line form in this section or via e-mail at any of our addresses.

2. Once the quotation has been agreed to, we will proceed to formalize the order according to the service's characteristics, delivery times, procedures and costs specified in the quotation. The payment method will be adapted to the specific characteristics of each project. At any rate, the customer use to make an initial deposit of 50% of the total quote. Our regular customers are exempt from paying in advance, and will pay once the work is finished and delivered. If the project is of a considerable size, we may require an intermediate payment of 25% of the total. Once the project has been completed, the client will pay the remainder and will immediately receive the job in the format and form he/she wanted.

3. You will then be assigned a project manager from our team. This will be the person responsible for the entire project with whom you will be able to maintain permanent and personalized contact via e-mail as well as telephone. Provided that it is necessary, he/she will visit you so that you may work together.

4. The customer may also request an initial sample of the work that we are going to do in order to ensure that it satisfies its expectations.

5. The client assumes the legal responsibilities arising from the contents of the job commissioned; especially those pertaining to copyright set forth in the Copyright Laws. Nevertheless, always assuming good faith, LexicoTecnia shall refuse those orders for texts that it knows to have been previously broadcast or published and are protected by these laws if there is no express authorization from the owners of these rights.

6. Once the purchase order is accepted, the client grants authorization for the transformation of the original work referred to in the aforementioned laws and in the terms and conditions of the job commissioned.

7. In addition, upon delivery, LexicoTecnia transfers the rights arising from the transformation of the text produced by the job performed to the client.

8. The customary payment method is via bank deposit or bank transfer. However, you may choose other payment methods as applies to each particular case.

9. Our clients always receive a guarantee for the services provided. With this guarantee, we are obligated to provide them with free unlimited post-sales service with regard to the project delivered.

10. Provided that the client consents, we keep your projects in our files for at least one year. We will send you the copies you request from us; even once our professional relationship has ended. The confidentiality of the information contained in said files is guaranteed at all times. We will always follow current regulations and copyright laws.

11. The legal relationship between the client and LexicoTecnia is limited to the job placed on the terms and conditions initially agreed to and in no way implies a work relationship.

12. LexicoTecnia reserves the right to refuse those orders concerning graphic content inciting or upholding racism, xenophobia, violence or any other illegal act.

13. Treatment of personal information you supply us with (including your e-mail address) will at all times follow current regulations. (Constitutional Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Information). In no case will you receive advertising or notices beyond the professional relationship established.

14. Once the corresponding invoice has been issued, the client must pay within 40 business days subsequent to date of issue. Should this term fail to be fulfilled, the amount invoice will increase with the interest established by Spanish legislation to these effects.