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Proofreading and Style Review - LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales, S.L.

The LexicoTecnia's expert group of proofreaders takes on the task of masterfully executing the three basic premises of all corrections: editing, standardizing and unifying a text so that it may attain maximum clarity and quality.

Our proofreading service is divided into the three basic phases to which a text is hierarchically subjected:

1. Previous proofreading or style proofreading. The original is checked from the content, style and grammar point of view.

2. First proof or spelling corrections. The text that is already composed or in galley proofs is checked from the spelling, grammar and typesetting.

3. Corrections to second proofs. The previous corrections are checked until the definite text is typeset.

You may require our services for any partial proofreading, for the combination of any of them or for overall proofreading.

LexicoTecnia will follow your company's style book, apply its own or adapt to each client's preferences. You may also consult us on proofreading in languages other than Spanish or proofreading combined with a translation. One of our most notable specialties is the medical and pharmaceutical area, thanks to our experience proofreading technical medical texts for over 10 years.

Our regular clients may also enjoy a service of linguistic consultation and assessment in order to answer those specific queries and problems that may come up.