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Animated show of: Professional publishing services (digital and printed publications), content creation and translation, documentation, editing, proofreading and style review, web development and design.


Editing & Contents - LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales, S.L.

LexicoTecnia, as a company specializing in language and communication, offers our clients the possibility of creating content in multiple languages. Our editors will write the text for that your company needs: advertising catalogues, articles, reviews, summaries, press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, documentary or technical texts, especially for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, textos enciclopédicos y crónicas y artículos periodísticos.

You may round off this service with the prior task of documentation. This is a possibility which LexicoTecnia also offers you. We could also work with the information or patterns that you yourself provide us with.

All texts drafted by LexicoTecnia include proofreading of those texts thanks to the teamwork of several professionals coordinated by a section or area manager or by a specialist.

The tasks of editing and documentation, as well as the accumulated experience executing them enables LexicoTecnia to develop several different types of content; from commercial or documentary documents to more complex technical texts, especially in the following areas: Medical and pharmaceutical texts, encyclopedic texts, chronicles and journalistic articles. Ask us about creating or updating other types of content.

We can also create the content required by your corporate web site in order to adapt to the market's needs, gain competitiveness and express a precise image with the most suitable text.