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Animated show of: Professional publishing services (digital and printed publications), content creation and translation, documentation, editing, proofreading and style review, web development and design.


Publishing Services - LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales, S.L.

LexicoTecnia is a company born out of experience in the publishing industry itself. If you seek a publication which is high quality and has a good layout, LexicoTecnia will edit and coordinate the entire production phase for you (books, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, manuals, brochures, guides, e-book, on-line publications, etc.). In this fashion, you can obtain editing of your corporate publications and obtain a printed product in offset or POD (Print on Demand). Alternatively, it may simply be in digital format for distribution. Our vocation of providing integral services joins this area with the majority of the services which we offer:

1. Documentation and creation of content. This phase is normally the authors' job. However LexicoTecnia can also get involved according to the client's needs.

2. Publishing. The publishing process includes the following phases:

2.1. Design of the work. Complete design of the front and back cover. We determine the page size, design of inner pages, the distribution of contents, the font, size and letter and line spacing for the entire work. We determine the text styles, colour scheme, image format and resolution. We determine the substratum, folds and binding.

2.2. Correction of first proofs. Correction of concept or collective concept.

2.3. Correction of second proofs

2.4. Typesetting, composition or collating the work (Desktop Publishing)

2.5. Revision of third proofs. Correction of galley proofs and collating.

3. PDF creation and prepress

4. Printing. We will help you to determine the printing system for printing the work.

5. Multimedia publishing. On the other hand, you can evaluate the possibility of publishing a parallel edition on CD.