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Animated show of: Professional publishing services (digital and printed publications), content creation and translation, documentation, editing, proofreading and style review, web development and design.


Translation Agency - LT Servicios Lingüísticos y Editoriales, S.L.

LexicoTecnia has specialists who are native speakers and licensed to translate in Catalan, Galician, Basque, Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Polish, Swedish, German, Russian, Arabic, and a long list of other languages which amount to over 30. In addition, we have specialized in translating medical texts through our medical and pharmaceutical area. However, we also have experience in other areas such as the commercial, technological, legal, el documentary, children\'s literature or el corporate areas.

Furthermore, we also offer you a wide range of sworn translations in many languages.

Upon completing the translation, we subject the text to an exhaustive proofreading process in order to present it in its definite form. You may also combine several translations into different languages, and those translations will always be delivered proofread.